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Discussion in 'HTML Basics' started by eamon92, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. eamon92

    eamon92 New Member

    Has anyone used Personal Webkit setup their website?
    I do not know how to index the pages. i am trying to get my website recognised by Google.

    I have created a sitemap but dont know how to upload it to the website.

    Can anyone explain in plain english please...

    Have no idea what to do!

  2. edynas

    edynas New Member

    I don't use the personal webkit to make sites but the idea is this.

    You will have an hosting account somewhere. You will need to have the login details like username and password. If all is ok you also would have a ftp username and password. most of the cases it will be the same as your login details.

    To transfer files from your computer to the internet you will need a program that can handle ftp. For instance a program like File Zilla (can't post a url as i don't have enough posts but search fr it at Google)

    next you will need to fill in your details
    host: the url of your site without http and www or if you have it the ip address.
    username: provided by the hosting company
    password: provided by the hosting company

    Connect nad navigate to the right folder of your hostingaccount. Most of the times when you connect to your hostingaccount you enter at what is called the root of your hosting account. If present click public_html or www that will show you in most cases the domain names listed on your accout.

    These programs work like windows explorer where you can drag and drop files from your pc to your hosting account. So navigate on the internet sied to the right location and at your oc side goto the folder where you have saved the sitemap. Drag and drop it to the internet side and if all is ok it will be saved there and you can view it thru your browser

  3. link8r

    link8r New Member

    If you just create a login in at Webmaster Central and verify your site, your site will be added to the crawling servers.

    Sitemaps don't give you any extra chance at being indexed nor do they speed it up. They're just useful to have and are great at making sure all of your pages are indexed and its helpful from that point of view.

    You're going to need to build authority to get indexed and ranked - the 3 concepts are separate. Just because Google crawls you, doesn't mean you'll show up.
  4. stephen186

    stephen186 New Member

    I agree you need to build authority to rank but there is no need to build any authority for indexing.

    Also google does encourage sitemap submission for better indexing of the whole website.

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