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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by Amateur, Jan 25, 2012.

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    I developed a website for a client (asp.net) some years back and I recently made some changes to it for them. It took about 5 hours to accomplish the work. I havent done such work for a number of years (have moved to a different job) so I was wondering what is the average or guidelines that I should charge for work like this? I dont want to over charge to client but still like me rate to reflect the going rate.

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    Hi Amateur,

    Interesting question. I don't think you can particularly "overcharge". That's something that rarely happens. There are some people who think that its ok to hire a company/business at a loss. Businesses have expenses greater than salary/income. Risk, insurance, marketing, planning all come into play. Anyhoo - hourly rate is just one thing - if one person charges €50 per hour and does it in 30 minutes (and still charges €50) and another charges €25 but takes a week....well, I won't do the math for you.

    Whats your "get of bed money"? We don't (yet) live in a communist paradise where nobody is allowed any margin (especially web designer: they'll be forced to use the entire screen). A contractor with 40 hours work a week can earn €25 - €50 - so I'd go higher :)
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    Depends on the client, small biz/non profit, go easy on them.

    Company with deep pockets, stick the arm in.

    Generally I advise people to charge 50 and hour.

    I would be extremely surprised if they quibbled over a 250/300 charge.


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