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Discussion in 'Bing SEO (Microsoft)' started by tiyerl, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. tiyerl

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    Seo needed for bing is different than google but is the same as yahoo which means they go allot by onpage optimization. So get keywords in your H1, 2 and 3. But don't cram the keywords in becasue that is spammy, make a readable sentance and not a long one either, not H1 anyway, H3 and 2 can be a bit longer. Meta tags are important write a keyword rich title and description but make it readable and attractable to viewers. Your main keywords should be repeated once in all of the above. The first few words of your first paragraph (under the H1) are said to be important too, make em count :D
  2. aadijo

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    seo for yahoo and bing is not so different as compare with seo for Google, but i agree that we need to take care of some of the parameter, but still i will say that if you are promoting your site on Google that enough for bringing the traffic on website and most of the searches is made on Google.
  3. Softology

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    So, this means On Page SEO has more importance in Bing / Yahoo than Google? Surely, Google covers 80% of searches every day so why do they differ from the leader? Also, If you know after the merging of Yahoo / Bing how to get indexed in both with Bing webmaster tools? Any ideas / suggestions?
  4. peeterjozaf

    peeterjozaf New Member

    Yes you are right I am agree with you no so much difference in Google and bing SEO strategy
  5. jeffscott

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    SEO for Yahoo and Bing are the same compared to Google in which its algorithm is continuously evolving.

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