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Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by Smiley, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Smiley

    Smiley New Member

    There is a lot of talk at the moment about Social networking sites (Facebook Twitter). Do really they help at all with google ranking or are they just a marketing tool?
  2. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Not a whole lot really. Twitter I wouldn't imagine would pass on much relevant or authority. I trust Google's search quality team are dropping the authority passed from Facebook etc as it's largely open to spam.

    The thing about social media is it's about engaging and networking. While it mightn't directly increase authority/PageRank (who cares about PR?), it's an important source of traffic and business for many people.

    If you are a consultant or professional, you may be more effective engaging directly with people instead of visitor numbers.
  3. zyke

    zyke New Member

    I can say that Social Networking like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace are good for marketing and for promotion. You can get traffic but not exactly helping you to increase SERP.
  4. bankkok

    bankkok New Member

    Facebook, twitter are very much famous social networking site. hi5 is old and not used nowadays.
  5. ndrewstrauss

    ndrewstrauss New Member

    Facebook it just a marketing tool which is used for promotion and traffic generation perpose, apart from that it's not much useful in SEO.
  6. paddy12

    paddy12 New Member

    Your website can benefit from Twitter and Facebook. You can keep your Facebook fan page as public so that Google can crawl links on your profile page. More importantly, maintaining a fan page on Facebook is important as links you post there are do follow. Coming to Twitter, the links you place in your tweets are nofollow, but your homepage or blog link in Twitter profile is do follow. So, we can use Twitter and Facebook for attaining good search engine rank and also for marketing.
  7. WoW

    WoW New Member

    is there any advantage in linking your facebook fan page to twitter?

    Have recently tried to link my facebook page to twitter to keep them both fresh and updated however wondering if this is any good for links or google crawling?
  8. Beau19

    Beau19 New Member

    It's true that social networking doesn't help much with SEO but it does help a little, therefore it's a nice thing to try and it's also a good marketing tool. I've tried it and it's been weorking for me, especially since I use social bookmarking tools available at easysubmits. If you want them to help though you must keep you pages public, not private.
  9. Cost (none) + Time (Lots) = Benefit (Poor)

    There is little to be gained. More to be lost by big organisations.

    Twitter is the best for low time vs +ve benefit.
  10. IPAlarms

    IPAlarms New Member

    In my experience, if you are running a business, the best social networking tool is LinkedIn. I started my own group focusing on my niche market and I now have over 100 people from my industry registered in the Group. They are a captive audience, which is really powerful.

    As far as SEO is concerned, I get some value from twitter links but don't bother any more with Facebook.
  11. clint_jacobs

    clint_jacobs New Member

    It can give us some advantage in terms of promoting our brand but it is not effective in terms of ranking our keywords in search engines. Like for twitter, there's no way we can do to increase keywords ranking because as you can see, we can't post link text on it as it only accepts direct URLs which is likely the same with Facebook. Although facebook has a lot to offer, Google doesn't really counts links coming from it because all links are made no-follow.
  12. lucysemails

    lucysemails New Member

    I completely agree with you on Google search benefits , because in face or twitter we can just place the url we can't put link on particular key words so our ranking wouldn't increase i have observed that the pages created by us in face book are some time coming in Google search result .
  13. blackcat

    blackcat New Member

    I have to agree that social networking sites do not really, that is do not directly help in seo, but if you use them properly, they can indeed generate lots of traffic. And in my opinion, the more traffic, the better...
  14. glenbolton85

    glenbolton85 New Member

    There are hundreds of social media sites that you can use to increase your online visibility. The potential of Social Media strategies is endless when you consider how quickly information can be dispersed through networks of users. By using SMO your message is less likely to be viewed as "push" advertising because when a friend recommends something people view it less skeptically.
  15. karenjlwalker

    karenjlwalker New Member

    Social networks are great for promotion and allows you to advertise to millions of people everyday for free. It would be incredibly negligent for any company to overlook the potential of social networks. In terms of SEO, however, the search engines are changing as to what social networking sites they will reward. Twitter for example is good only on the basis that you get a lot of good re-tweets and links going back to your site...simply you talking about it is not enough. If you have something worth saying though and gain a following on there then a bit of time and patience is all you need.
  16. rosstaylor345

    rosstaylor345 New Member

    Facebook and twitter can be your website using these sites you can draw a lot of visitors which force Google crawlers to guide your website.
  17. TopTip120

    TopTip120 New Member

    I think that social networking is good for advertising and promoting.
  18. jayk

    jayk New Member

    I rarely get any results from using Facebook, esp twitter. Unless you have thousands for likes and follows its difficult get people interested in your service.
  19. rasha magdi

    rasha magdi Guest

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  20. writie

    writie New Member

    From my experience, Twitter (mostly) and Facebook can generate traffic. But you have to be insanely interesting in one way or another. They do depend on you having good places to send people, and that the quality of your own postings (if you are sending people to your blog or whatever) be really, really good.

    But don't forget that Twitter (in particular) is also a great source of info and opinion if you follow the right people. All the stuff about inserting yourself into the conversation is true. It does take time, but it's time better used than spamming sales links.

    Twitter is also great when combined with the excitement around live events - and specifically trade fairs.


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