Webmaster Project for Final Year Web Dev / Tech Student

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Over the past few years I have set up a a directory and information resource website. The adsense revenue just about covers hosting etc. (1000 unique users a week)

There is no question that it could be developed in a variety of ways and that these figures could be grown substantially. There is also significant possibilities through direct advertising for industry players. I simply do not have the time to do this.

I can’t afford to pay anyone to do this, would any final year Digital Media / Web Dev students be interested in taking this on as their final year project? Or possibly an App Development student? Or anybody else?

I could give them full access to all analytics / adsense / back end etc. so they could monitor improvements changes which resulted from their work. I would be willing to pass on a generous percentage of any new income generated as well as providing a reference for future employers.

Can anyone recommend any courses where final year students might be interested?

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