What do you do to relax?

Discussion in 'Work / Life Balance' started by mneylon, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. theDub

    theDub New Member

    Skydiving? I could never quite understand why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good areoplane! :rolleyes:

    I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and try some of the old photography skills from a previous life!
  2. Brionglóid

    Brionglóid New Member

    Listen to music, have a few beers, go for long walks with the dog and take photos - usually all at the same time. :D
  3. Solonox

    Solonox New Member

    Well this is going to sound sad .. but 9 times out of 10 when i am relaxing i have a laptop in front of me and i am coding or breaking someone elses code ;)

    I must say .. it is very relaxing breaking other peoples code ... (legally of course)

    My wife works lates each night .. so i get plenty of time at the laptop ;)

    I rehearse with a band every Sunday .. which is actually pretty stressful .. haha..

    After that it is a DVD or Documentaries

  4. aarathy

    aarathy New Member

    I spend sometime for prayer. This give me relaxation in my work. Also i am hearing good musics when i am bored. This also give relaxation in my mind.
  5. green

    green New Member

    riding my bicycle
    going in park, just sit on a bench and look at people

    project entropia
  6. fairlight

    fairlight New Member

    There are three things I do after hours in most cases : play WoW, watch some DVDs, read next book. Quite boring? Yes, but theres not much free time after work.
  7. aathuls

    aathuls New Member

    Hearing some music and take rest, that is the best relaxation.
  8. vickers2008

    vickers2008 New Member

    I dont get much time to relax with kids etc but when they are gone to bed, i just chill out on the sofa and watch a film or read a magazine.
  9. starindia

    starindia New Member

    I spend some time with my family and listen to some song on the way to home then going into a nice sleep.
  10. AnneM

    AnneM New Member

    I usually play online games while listening to music. Sometimes, I’m into cooking dishes. The most stupid way for me to relax is to do household chores! :D
  11. SamanthaHall

    SamanthaHall New Member

    I use to listen to songs when i want to relax!
  12. jimbo jones

    jimbo jones New Member

    my attention span is too short to do nothing and relax.
    gym or football do the trick
  13. I like the play basketball on outside courts, streetball style. I also like listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix, I have 200+ CD's worth of live and studio material. I like watching basketball especially the pros like Lebron, Kobe and D-Wade. That's about it for me!
  14. Donagh

    Donagh New Member

    For me I like to play my xbox 360(still playing GTA), play poker or play darts. some might say poker is stressful(which it is) but it's a nice mental work out while still chilling out :)
  15. Juice

    Juice New Member

    What do I do to relax? Browse IWF of course! :D

    Apart from that, spend time with with friends, West Wing box set, cinema, gym, get lost on Wikipedia...
  16. pavan6993

    pavan6993 New Member

    I relax by sleeping or listening to music!
  17. iamboredr

    iamboredr New Member

    I just get my ipod listen to my favorite songs and close my eyes:)
  18. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    What do I do to relax?

    What do I do to relax?

    drink,, then another ,, then another,, then,, you get the idea. ha ha

  19. begamo

    begamo New Member

    Go out with my family

    I normally go out with my family and eat in a restaurant.
  20. Smiley

    Smiley New Member


    I do the very same as i am doing now...

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