1. PMonaghan

    redirect one page to another page via htaccess

    Hi, I am new to this forum - and any forum. I need help learning how to do a redirect for specific pages of a website. I have the code: Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on rewritecond %{http_host} * [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301, nc] I know that I am...
  2. R

    Which is the Best free Data Checker

    Hi all Im just looking for some help on this New to Social Media Im looking for the best free application that checks all my data for example facebook, twitter, wordpress and by application I mean backlinks is there an application that will check all data ie. share of voice share of mentions or...
  3. M

    Dublin SEO Summit - Online Marketing Event

    Sep. 21st in the Morrison Hotel tickets are still available here: Rand Fishkin will be present, probably the most prolific Speaker in the world in relation to Online Marketing. Could be worth a look folks ! 3pm - 7pm and a few beers in the Church After It
  4. K


    Hi, I have two online shops and like to know how much i have to change products descriptions to be unique for google, i have descriptions from producer site. Do I have change all text or just make few changes like put few more words? Thanks for any help.
  5. A

    Redirecting from www cname not working

    Hi Webmaster experts, I have installed apache on my windows machine and trying to do a redirect from my site url to We are trying to do this for mobile devices and want to read the type of device accessing it. However this keeps failing and we are...
  6. G

    New Version of GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento

    NEW VERSION of GoMage Advanced Navigation has already been available! GoMage Advanced Navigation Extension for Magento With Ajax Filter Save time of your online store customers and get more sales! VERSION 3.0 FEATURES: - Supported Magento EE; - Supported Full Page Cache; -...
  7. S

    Amazon wordpress plugin

    I heard that there is a plugin that can place an amazon item into a persons cart when they click on your associiates link and are linked to amazon. I was unable to figure out how to do this, does anybody know how?
  8. T

    lots of 404 , site redesign,file name extensions causing it to drop in Google???

    hi all, i recently did a revamp of a very old site (7yrs with little or no changes) and have noticed a lot of 404's in my crawl errors, (there are from external sites) The old site used the extension .htm, the new one uses .html but the prefix file names are the same . eg...
  9. andywozhere

    URL Structure

    I'm having a URL conundrum. I was wondering what people thought was a better URL: /events/comedy/festivals/name-of-festival or /events/name-of-festival The former is more descriptive, but quite long. The latter is much snappier, but not as descriptive. I'm inclined to think the longer URL is...
  10. php.allstar

    .htaccess 301 redirect and wordpress

    Hi, I regularly post replies to people on here looking for help woth various php issues. Now however, I would like some help myself! I have updated my website to use classipress which is a classifieds ads theme for wordpress. Now I would like to point all the old links to their...
  11. mneylon

    Do you Watermark Images or Block?

    On a couple of sites I run there's an ongoing battle about images Basically 3rd party sites link to them and embed them etc Which is more than a little annoying, as they're using my bandwidth and making money from them .. In some cases I've blocked hotlinking, but I'm also playing with...
  12. D

    VPS Hosting OR modrewrite allowed on shared

    Hi Anyone know the cheapest way to host a site that needs mod rewrite allowed? I am being told most of the shared hosting packages do not allow this and that I need a VPS hosting package. What's my cheapest option? Thanks
  13. N

    Moving Wordpress Site to Local Host

    I have a wordpress site already online. I've just downloaded xampp and want to use it to test alterations to the sites code before I put the changes online. I've downloaded all the files from the site and put them into the htdocs folder. When I managed to access the site through my localhost it...
  14. figment

    Wildcard .htaccess redirect

    Hi Guys, i want to redirect ALL links from an old website to ONE single page (Root) on a new domain. The code I have is: Redirect 301 / This tries to match the original directory path on the new domain eg: will redirect to ...
  15. andywozhere

    drawing up contracts

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone (especially freelancers) might share their experience of drawing up contracts or know of where to get info on drawing up contracts? Of course I know things are going to vary depending on the business and the nature of the work, but in general terms I was...
  16. T

    Magento Proxy error 502 problems

    Hi Guys Have Magento installed here . We use Paypal Pro to accept payments, and onestepcheckout to simplify the checkout process. The site is constantly getting proxy errors displayed on screen. 1) When we log into the admin, we are often faced with this...
  17. T

    Double keyword in URL

    Hey, Just a quick question about double keyword in URL, I was told that it is a bad idea. Example :CANON POWERSHOT D10 DIGITAL CAMERA - Online Shopping & Price Comparison Ireland The 'digital camera' keyword appears twice, should I get rid of it? All images and page titles are using product...
  18. B

    Wordpress - Permalinks - Friendly Urls?

    Hi, I've be trying yo create 'friendly' urls for my site? BUT keep getting a 404 page fault everything time I try! Any have any advise on this, I need 'friendly' urls for page & categories. Image attached of what I'm doing, thanks. I've tried lots of variants but but it's not working out! so...
  19. unrealindeed

    Redirect Entire Country (UK) from .com to via htaccess

    Hi All, I have launched a .com website priced in € for my client, and they have asked me to setup a (specifically for the UK market). A copy of the site was made and prices etc were all changed to £ GBP. My client has now asked me to redirect all UK users from the .com to the
  20. Cypher

    New Site

    Hi updated site to wordpress it has gone off the radar of google for some reason despite numerous SEO plug-ins new site ready to go shortly Any comments welcome Cypher
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