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Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any opinion on what's a reasonable salary for a junior marketing executive in Dublin. I'm in a bit of a hybrid role right now in an SME that involves web administration, graphic design and marketing (mostly online) and I think the role deserves a higher salary. I'd like to know what kind of figures would occur to others as being fair for this position.


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Check what kind of salaries are being advertised for similar roles on some of the recruitment sites eg. Recruit Ireland, Monster etc

Generally, as an employer, I'd pay based on the level of experience etc.,


Do you care to share some more info
  • what you're on now ?
  • your qualifications
  • years of experience
  • other relevant info or skills (languages, experience working abroad
Some things to remember : You probably will earn more with a larger company, but growth may be limited. Companies generally pay you with what they can get away with. If you think you are worth more then ask for more at your current employer and see how they react.

That being said the best way to earn more is to change job, if you do this say every year for a two or three years, you might get closer to what you think you are worth. Of course the hard part is getting the job.

My guess would be anywhere from €30k to €45k, but that's really based on lots of different factors and it's also quite broad range.

Here's a job offering €30k-€35k with 2 years experience and a degree in marketing Marketing Activation Executive Job in Dublin, Dublin Ireland


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Lots of factors at work there. The problem with hybrid roles is that you can tend to have to adapt to lots of different roles and end up slightly undervalued in many ways compared to someone dedicated to the one role.

Few questions
1: What can your company afford to pay you (lots of companies are feeling the crunch right now and have been for a while ... others are just pulling the piss)
2: As Paul said do a bit of research and find out what simiilar roles out there are going for ( difficult to find hybrid roles advertised I've found or they are a bit too insane in what they are asking for ). The big question will be how much would you be happy on? Then it can't hurt but to ask the powers that be for a chat about it all. If you're in a position to walk into another job it can be a great bargaining chip.
3: How long have you been with the company? Ask for a review. If you don't ask you won't know how you are valued and it's a good opportunity to see if they'll offer you more money



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From working with larger companies, this information might come across as disturbing...

Further to Forbairt's comments, which I agree with, I'd draw a distinction between Irish/UK and US businesses

What we've seen (with companies ranging from €9 million pa to €160 million) in an Irish-owned Business.

Head of Marketing (including managing "online") : €45k - €70k (this is no joke, and this is a position for someone with 10+ years)

Junior roles (no experience) are currently being off, quite often with the Jobsbridge programme, many are being turned into a fulltime role
Junior Executive - from €2k per month
Online Manager - from €3k a month
Social Media Manager - from €2.5k
Head of Online - from €3.5k a month

There is a serious disbelief amongst Irish companies in online - that online is merely a digital PR strategy to promote a brand just like a flyer.

Here are two views:

1. We need someone who can translate and talk to the web agency (where the top earners will possibly be on €90k - I'm guessing) and just "manage" this for us ---> avoid
2. We actually believe/need/are addicted to this and want to invest in it ---> go for these guys

There are a number of top end jobs in this scale, which are the ones "we" all read about
Head of online - starting at €95k - €120k
Head of Search - starting at €85 - €125k

In IT, stuff like, Sharepoint and Ruby are all above €70k it seems (where experience is enough to be independent)

My 2c - (general advice, not specifically OP, who's background I don't know) - if you're good and can deliver - set up an agency and make your own money.

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