Call of Duty Black Ops?

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So has anyone else got it?

The graphics and physics seem to have been improved quite a lot from the previous "chapter"

Yeah I have it on the PS3.

Haven't played the Campaign yet. The multiplayer seems to be a bit buggy with a fair bit of latency and everyone is complaining of the poor frame-rate. I hope they patch it sharpish.

Apart from that, I love it! No fear of me going back to MW2 now.

What platform have you got it on?
I have it on PS3 as well.
only level 18, but cant give a proper opinion yet compare with MW2.
Few nice features indeed. Love the RC car, lol.
Whats your PSN username Louie? Mines "sy-oh-nara", feel free to add me.

I'm only level 18 too, loving the AK47u sub machine gun. With Lightweight, Marathon and Sleight of Hand. Whats your favourite gun on it?

I can't wait to get the attack dogs killstreak, haven't had any unleashed on me yet so I'm dying to see what thats all about!
Eire-Louie40 is my PSN username.

How did you get the AK47? is still locked for me.

I got killed few times by the dogs. I found if you climb on something like a car, you can kill the b******.
I hope to get a higher level tonight.
Louie, its the AK47u....the ak47's little brother...its a sub machine gun, not an assault should be available to you at the moment, but yeah when I get to a higher level I'll use the real AK47, although the Galil pretty much owns!

Got my first taste of the dogs last night, its pretty cool and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Don't wanna open a whole can of worms on the whole PS3 -v- Xbox debate so we'll just leave it there! Loving the online multiplayer...getting very addictive....
The training in MW2 was brutal so didn't bother looking for it in Black Ops, but my son told me about it (he uses XBox). It's in the Playstation Network. Just like real fight.
I had it until my sister ruined it in her xbox by tipping it on it's side and upside down, lol.
It was quite good though, I did campaign on veteran and then some online play before it was sadly destroyed D:
I'm still waiting until I have enough money to get COD Black Ops!! I'm really keen to play it in full - I've played it at friend's houses but never for long enough! I'll just have to get my gaming cultures online in small doses for now... :/ Has anyone played Battlefield Play4Free??
I've got it on PS3.

Black Ops is like Marmite. You either love it, or you hate it.
I love it one moment, hate it the next.
I seem to run back and forth between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, but I'm constantly playing.
If anyone wants to add then ThatMichaelKid.
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