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Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by mneylon, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    So I assume most people are aware that Google+ "pages" has launched ..

    Has anyone setup one for their business or anything else?
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Just looking into it and realised you can now use Google Plus with a Google apps account, at last yay. I've just set one up -

    I haven't used Google plus much at all yet. Is it possible to delete a page? I set one up under a non Google apps account but don't want to use that one anymore.

    Edit: found if you go to manage pages you can delete them, direct link -
  3. maniako

    maniako New Member

    not yet... but i read that Google+ inscriptions have fallen by 60%... facebook pages still rules...
  4. MOH

    MOH New Member

    Bear in mind that at the moment there's no way of transferring admin rights. You're best off using a generic corporate profile to set up the G+ page, rather than a personal account. Supposed to be changes in the pipeline that will give some kind of better admin options, including transferring ownership, but better safe than sorry.
  5. artash

    artash New Member

  6. jol

    jol New Member

    I set one up for irish holiday but the response I have had from the administrator is that he finds facebook pages much easier to manage, post on etc. But saying that they have got a different set of people/businesses in their circle that they wouldn't have reached by just using facebook. They also use hootsuite to post on facebook and schedule posts but as yet there isn't support for google+.
  7. slkmclaren

    slkmclaren New Member

    i hope this Google+ Pages has as much welcome than Facebook Pages. IMHO, Facebook pages has more apps right now.
  8. NiallK

    NiallK New Member

    When Google+ first came out I really thought there would be huge transfer of people from fb. But as far as I can tell from my own circle of friends and businesses, very few have made the transition to Google+. It seems that fb and twitter are still king.
  9. writie

    writie New Member

    G+ has been on my "must do" list... for a couple of months already. And I don't see myself taking the time over the coming weeks either.
  10. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Interesting pov Niall - I think so many people think the same way. I still can't understand why its such a religious choice (I use religion because most religions require you choose one [at a time]) - that there isn't kind of variable scope : we just have to pick one winner, no choice, no competition. To underline it: you said "transition" - as though facebook and G+ are a linear form of chronological evolution. Its just interesting that you echo the same things as many others - I'm not trying to suggest its wrong. Its just when you think about it - what else in our lives are so binary? Do we all just drive the latest car /OS/phone/wine?

    some people use Macs with MS Office and some use Windows with Open office. Some use Ubuntu (but I'm not really into Pokemon).

    I use twitter. I used to use it a lot. Now, not so much. I might use it in the future. I like Facebook. I'm a big fan of Google, I'm a life long fan of Microsoft, and yet I hate Bing and Google+. Yet, in 3 months, that could all change.

    I'm human. I'm not a sheep :)
  11. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Why not?
    If you aren't there your competitor might be..
  12. jayk

    jayk New Member

    Have any of you used posterous pages before? it works on most social media sites except facebook for some reason. I've been using it a while now.
  13. NiallK

    NiallK New Member

    Interesting indeed! The way I think about the Google+ / Facebook world is that, I want to be wherever my friends are. It is a social network after all. Google+ is like the gym, everyone's a member, but nobody goes! So if nobody is on Google+ posting photos, interesting links, making events etc. then why would I bother visiting the page? I think Google made a mistake in trying to compete with facebook because they are just too alike. And so yes, it is an either/or choice (IMO). Twitter when it came out, was completely new, never been done before, no competitors, thats why its succeeded and thats why I reckon most people use both twitter and facebook as their main social media networks. Google tried to copy much of fb and had little new to offer, so it failed :/
  14. link8r

    link8r New Member

  15. ryanoryan

    ryanoryan New Member

    Are you guys getting much interaction on your pages?
    Like most things it seems to be slow catching on in Ireland. Obviously good opportunity to become established ahead of competition but may be a waste of time too!
  16. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    There's a certain amount of activity, but it's not huge...
    What I'm really waiting for is some sane way to share content to Google+ as easily as I can on other sites ie. post once - publish many
  17. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I think its funny when people say that G+ is a copy of Facebook. Its completely different.

    What is interesting is their new events platform. Bernie Goldbach created one for Limerick Open Coffee. The integration into Google Mail, G+ and Calendar is unreal. Its an amazing piece of kit. Facebook has nothing on it!

    I know they're delaying on the business page promotion - which is pretty limited, AdWords is about it apart from begging/cohercing (tongue-in-cheek) but I imagine that's to keep it as a networking and sharing platform - not to give free 'advertising' channels to cheapo brands like twitter is (ab)used by some looking for 'free' marketing.

    But a facebook clone it is not.
  18. Danedison

    Danedison New Member

    I hope this Google+ Pages has as much welcome than Facebook Pages. IMHO, Facebook pages has more apps right now.

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