Low cost dedicated servers in Europe (preferably Ireland)?

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Hello everyone,

It's my first post on the forum, so first off; hello my names Dave, I'm a business student who develops webapps as a hobby.

I'll be launching a B2B webapp soon and I'm looking for a reliable dedicated server provider in Europe (preferably Ireland). So far I've found OVH.ie and hetzner.de. Does anyone have any experience with those providers or does anyone know of any similar priced companies?

I did some searching and couldn't find any low cost server options in Ireland. It seems even OVH has their servers in France.



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Both of those providers have servers outside Ireland ..

Do you want cheap or reliable? The two don't always go hand in hand :)
Hi Blacknight, thanks for your reply,

I'm on a pretty tight budget being a student so for the time being I would be leaning more towards the cheap end of things, but I couldn't find any budget servers in Ireland. Is there a provider in Ireland who offers cheap servers or will I have to go with hetzer or OVH?
btw. dave, there is an interesting thread on hackernews about OVH, a mixed bag of results. $15 Dedicated servers from OVH | Hacker News But they are cheap.
Also I saw that Hetzner have a market place where they sell their extra inventory via a Dutch auction. https://robot.your-server.de/order/market
They might help.

Also if you are a student, it's possible that your university, college might be able to give you an account. It obviously depends on your needs.
Thanks for the info Paul . I decided to go with an EC2 instance in the end as I couldn't find any cheap/reliable servers in Ireland. So far it's working great, and best of all pretty cheap because of amazon's free usage tier.
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