Moving clients to new hosting

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Over the past number of weeks I've had real problems with my Cloud hosting constantly going down and getting the ears bashed off me by customers who can't get email or view there sites.

I'm now considering setting clients up on there own individual Sheared hosting accounts as the server end of things can be looked after by the hosting company.
I don't want to have to deal with updating PHP or Plesk or any other part of the server as that's not my business. If I'm paying a hosting company to host my details then it should be up to them to take care of the server.

Can anyone recommend a hosting company for sheared hosting where I can send them an email when I have a problem and they will fix it and not tell me I need to go to the server back end with a bag of spanners and fix it myself. If PHP need's to be updated they will update it and not expect me to do it.

I just want somewhere to put my clients sites, build databases and emails without having to learn all the server stuff as well.

The added benefit with sheared hosting is that I can hand the account over to the client with very little hassle if they want to do everything themselves.

I think this is a fair enough "want" - we had something similar from Hosting 365 about 10 years ago, which gave us shared hosting but let us create different accounts. It cost about £200 per month and we had 200 CPanel accounts. We charged £200 pa hosting but provided full technical support. It was a really good business model but the servers were never supported after their sale.

I have to admit, I found VPS/Dedicated servers were a lot to manage. Its always simple when you have the time and know-how but its such a pain in the neck!


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I've seen some hosting companies offer reseller hosting, it's shared hosting but you can setup individual hosting accounts for each of your clients on your one main hosting account, I used a US based one before with whm and cpanel and it didn't involve messing around with the server OS etc. The hosting company looked after everything server wise, php upgrades etc. (sometimes this is useful and other times a problem if a website is running old scripts!) Shared/cloud/dedicated, I guess they all have their pros and cons but I tend to stick with shared becasue it's not as expensive and I like the comfort of knowing that there are lots of other customers using the same server, yes it has it downsides sometimes but if something goes wrong hosting wise and I miss it or I'm away then there's a good chance someone else will report it to the hosting company and if there's a lot of customers affected and reporting a problem on a shared server vs just one customer it's likely to get more attention and fixed more quickly. At least that's my reasoning :)
I should have stuck to individual Sheared hosting from the GetGo. I could do without all this server stuff. Server providers should deal with the servers and web designers should stick to the websites.