Is Register365 reseller hosting actually any good?

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by shanno06, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Im looking into the world of reseller hosting for the first time. As Im getting more busy now as a web develpoer/designer, it is now viable for me to set up reseller hosting and make some money through that.

    From the research I have done, it is clear that Register365 is the cheapest for reseller hosting, coming in at €133.97 for a year.

    Apart from the fact that their servers are Zeus and not Apache, is there anything else I should know about before going with them?

    Does anyone have any good/bad experiences?
    I'd love to go with Blacknight but I just simply dont have €600+ a year to shell out for their great service. I respect Blacknight and their reputation but Im not so sure about Register365.

    Any help would be greatly appreiciated.

  2. peterarmstrong

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    Hi Shanno

    It sounds like you're wanting to resell shared hosting accounts where you can create new hosting accounts at anytime, give your clients their own control panel and not have to worry about managing your own server.

    I don't think Blacknight offer this (although this forum is owned by Blacknight so if I'm wrong I'll be quickly corrected). The plan on the Blacknight website for €636+vat is actually for a self-managed Plesk virtual server. It is not a solution for reselling Blacknight shared hosting accounts. It would be your own server that you'd have to manage.

    I'm not sure that Register365 truly offer 'reseller hosting' either. I think Register365 offer large multi-site hosting plans but I think there's only one control panel for all the websites so you can't give your customers their own control panel login details. I'd also recommend you type "register365 reviews" into Google.

    I'd personally recommend you look for a provider offering cPanel hosting. cPanel is a leading control panel solution. WebHost Manager (WHM) is the reseller control panel on cPanel servers and WHM is specifically designed for resellers to create and manage their hosting accounts. There are several cPanel/WHM webhosts in Ireland and some offer white-label services so that your customers don't know you're reselling.

    Good luck with your webdesign/development business.

    Declaration - I work for Spiral Hosting.
  3. shanno06

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    Its not that I want to set up my own web hosting company on the fly and make a quick buck my forcing my clients to use my services. I just want to offer my clients a hosting service at a good price (considering they would all share the cost) and make a bit of money to supplement the fact that my I severely undercut the market and offer really cheap sites.

    Id never thought of simply making a hosting account with unlimited add on domains and because most of clients at the moment dont even know what a CPanel is and they place their full trust in me making sure their website is up. So if for example their website goes down six months after I design they ring my up and ask me to fix it and I unwillingly do it to maintain the trust they have in me on a personal basis at no extra cost really.

    So thanks for your opinion you may have just saved me alot of money. Thanks.
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    If you're going to make statements about me or my company please check your facts.

    This site is not owned by Blacknight. It never has been.
    It is owned by me personally and always has been.

    The fact that my username is "blacknight" is neither here nor there, as I use either "mneylon" or "blacknight" on most fora (though I'm joining more of them as "mneylon" these days, but I digress)


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    Hi Shanno,

    I wouldn't advise putting multiple customers' websites onto one hosting account for many reasons including customer privacy/security. My point was that you don't need to spend a fortune to resell hosting accounts properly. You should have the option of allowing customers to manage their own account, create their own email accounts, upload their own files etc. for those that do request it.

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    Okay so what would you reccommend then?

    That I go ahead with the Register365 reseller plan or would you recommend something else?
    Also blacknight, would you have any suggestions for a reseller on a budget?

    Peter, I would welcome a suggestion of a package the company you work for provides and I would not see it in any way as advertising, you would just be informing me of what the company you happen to work for offers.

  7. mneylon

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    It depends what your budget is.

    Their site is linked to in his signature.
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    Hi Shanno,

    We offer a free migration service to our new customers and when I'm doing the migrations I hear a lot of complaints from former Register365 customers about Register365's service and support. Hence, I have a negative (and biased) view of Register365. That's why I said you should Google "register365 reviews" so you can read unbiased reviews.

    All our reseller hosting plans are listed on our website. I'd be delighted to discuss them with you.

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    In my opinion, from past experience, no. You will have to take all of the support tickets. Any downtime will be your fault. f you don't have a proper contract/warranty, then you could be liable for outtages/downtime, regardless of "fault".

    Also, some hosting companies provide backups but charge for restoration. Many resellers end up having to keep an additional backup which becomes difficult with bandwidth issues. It also becomes difficult to offer extra services, like Cloud Hosting.

    We setup a reseller account in 2002 with an Irish company. They sold this infrastructure a few years ago. It's been a nightmare. Eventually we transferred it all to another Irish hosting Company but it took 2 years to manually clean and configure everything (while we got on with our other work). The support was a nightmare because all of the "old/legacy" servers weren't being supported.

    We now provide "Support for hosting" rather than "Supported Hosting".

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