Would you consider switching blog platforms?

Would you consider switching blog platforms?

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I am moving a new Blogger blog to most likely Wordpress soon.

On side but related note anyone got any tips on this. I'm presuming the latest version of WP will do it all for me, I noticed they included an updated migration tool now.


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I'm currently considering dumping WP in favour of Movable Type.

MT 4 has a WP importer, so hopefully it should be possible to migrate without too many headaches


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I would only consider moving if WP became unmanagable and collapsed (which I can't see happening because they seem to have their heads screwed on).

MT looks alright but the WP community can't be beat.


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Don't have a notion!
I took a look at some of the linked sites from MT.com and all the code behind each one was horrific. Tables, inline CSS/JS, chunks of comments everwhere. The four or five sites I visited were a million miles away from the clean code of WP themes.
When I started using Blogger as a host there was a lot of discussion along the lines of Blogger V Wordpress. So far I've used "free" blog platforms, but wonder about the advantages of paying for extras.


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You don't have to pay for extras as such ...

WP for example has god knows how many plugins available for free ...

Blogger / WP hosted blogs I would assume don't let you do that much with them ?

A website domain name costs what 10 quid and hosting about 30 quid for a year ?
(you can probably get dearer and cheaper)

What you get is your own name ... power to advertise on your site ... power to install whatever you want .. and so on

Movable Type 4.1 is also free for non commercial use .. though the majority of plugins (useful plugins) are paying extras ...
I'm probably confusing a paid website domain with a simple blogging host. I'm tempted to contribute to a domain, but think it would involve a lot of extra work. Since this is a hobby, probably not a good idea.


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well I guess when you decide to take it to the next level as a hobby you'll get a domain and hosting ... though having built up your following on the blogger ? site it'd be a bit weird ...

Start as you mean to continue I would suggest ... :)

40 quid though is 40 quid ... and its a re occuring expense every year ... but its a lot more fun in my opinion to have something you can really mess with ... alter the theme ... have your own me@mydomain email address and so on
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