Would you consider switching blog platforms?

Discussion in 'Blogs & Blogging' started by mneylon, Jun 13, 2007.


Would you consider switching blog platforms?

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  1. eamo

    eamo New Member

    Wordpress seems so well supported these days with lots of plugins - and free too.
  2. Gavin

    Gavin New Member

    Congrats on your new sig links eamo. All those rushed one liners just for that?
  3. gav240z

    gav240z New Member

    I moved from using Joomla / Wordpress to Drupal this year. Drupal has the features I need to run multiple websites, instead of managing multiple website installs, Drupal does it all.

    However it has a long way to go in terms of usability so its not for everyone.
  4. eamo

    eamo New Member

    Yes Gavin, this is a public forum and generally, people post their opinions on them. Considering that I have received dozen of spam emails from this site trying to get me to sign up, is it not right that I can promote my sites as well as everyone else here. Or are you one of these forum bullies? I think I'll give you webmasers meet a miss.
  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    What emails are you talking about??
  6. FrisArvz

    FrisArvz New Member

    Well, if its really needed, why not? But for me, you should choose a good platform from the very first you start blogging.
  7. immediate

    immediate New Member

    I may move from wp to movable type which is based on HTML static content publishing. There 2 very distinctive virtues of static content:

    1) It's static so much harder to be manipulated unless there's a system level breach.
    2) It costs much much much less server resources with regards to the same traffic.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Hi Immediate,

    Very interested to read your thinking of moving from Wordpress to another platform. I’m currently playing around with WP on a site I haven’t finished yet and was finding it very cumbersome and slow to load the admin pages. Have you found their support forum very hard to negotiate?

    What’s Movable type like?

    Take care,

    PS sorry, I’ve gone off topic here
  9. lighthouse

    lighthouse New Member

    How did that work out?
    Don't have a blog yet, but notice many migrating to Wordpress from Blogger
    MT4 is supposedly more flexible in page presentation possibilities than Wordpress?
  10. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    There's a clear segmentation / separation between the display (templates) and the underlying system, which means that you can do some pretty funky things at a design / presentation level without inadvertently compromising your security.
  11. camelia

    camelia New Member

    My liking

    I like to use Blogpsot blogs and don't want to change the platform right now
  12. Ode

    Ode New Member

    Wordpress all the way, best platform overall.

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