1. Danialwilson33

    Common Magento Performance Issues And Fixes

    Magento performance optimization is necessary for several reasons. According to a study, 42% of consumers abandon the site if it’s longer than 3 seconds to load. If you go anywhere above that range, it means the chances of abandonment rise by a significant percentage. Ecommerce businesses...
  2. G

    Speed Up Magento

    Hello, I thought it would do some good to share five very important things to do when you are trying to speed up the loading time of your Magento eCommerce store: Optimize TTFB For those that don't know, TTFB (Time to First Byte) measures the time that it takes for a site to show on the...
  3. E

    Which company is the best Magento development service provider ?

    Magento is an open-source eCommerce Development stage and is favored the most by the organizations giving web application advancement administrations. On a normal, more than 80% eCommerce sites depend on Magento CMS and are performing world-class with regards to creating the income.Magento...
  4. P

    Magento and

    Hi just putting out some feelers if anyone running magento and uses DPD, either has an intergration solution for them or would be interested in a magento extensions for Reply here or PM me
  5. E

    Hosting Company

    Hi to all, couldnt find a into section to say Hi, Im looking for some advice please. I currently have a website hosted by 365, and have been with them for the last 4 years, Im kind of thinking about moving to another hosting company. The website i have i created using the website...
  6. T

    Most economic SSL Certificate

    Hi All, I am new to e-commerce but know I need to get an SSL Certificate to encrypt users data but just wondering what the best one is. I seen an advertisment for a godaddy one that is "Up to 256-bit encryption from $19.95 USD per year" Which is great but just wondering why Blacknight are...
  7. E

    How do I build an eCommerce site on dreameaver?

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post. I' currently attempting to build my own online shop using dreamweaver cs5.5. I have recently built a simple website just displaying products and services etc. I'm just wondering what else do I do for the ecommerce website? Even a point in the right...
  8. S

    Help Needed with Webmaster Tools

    Hi I have 2 sites with the same products but no duplicate stock content. I have linked the 2 sites via the homepage, on the older site this has had no impact but on the new one I am getting 404 errors in webmaster tools, the first site is magento, the second is prestashop I am not sure if I...
  9. O

    What is involved in updating a Magento site

    Hi Guys, We have been asked to re design a Magento site. As far as I can see the client uses Magento for both the ecommerce and CMS. Before to quote them I would like to figure out what is involved, is it an HTML with tags to be added on areas coming from the CMS or is the CMS in Magento...
  10. C

    Cloud Hosting for ecommerce site

    Firstly Hello and this is my first post so forgive me if I've got it in the wrong place or somehow messed up :distrust: Just to set the scene. I am not in anyway technical but along with a (very patient) freelance web designer have built a really lovely site on a Magento Perfect White theme...
  11. Amasty

    Amasty Announcement: Let customers know about deals

    08-02-2013 Minsk, Belarus A Bronze Magento Industry Partner Amasty continues to expand the range of Magento extensions. Amasty offers a new extension for online stores – Promo Banners. Now it is easy to display deals and special offers for customers. According to the latest researches of human...
  12. reverbstudios

    TecDoc E-Commerce plugin

    Has anyone ever found an off the shelf plugin for the Tecdoc car parts API for any e-commerce system out there. It's so you can search for car parts by entering your car reg like Seen one for Magento but it's pretty dear??
  13. A

    Cloud / Dedicated hosting - recommendations please

    Hi, I have a number of websites across different shared hosting companies. There are around 20 sites running lamp with modx and magento, a WordPress site and an iPhone and Android app. These aren't big sites - 156.2 mb - Database size, 810 mb - Database LOG size and 2,226 mb - Web folder...
  14. L

    Magento Freelancers needed

    Any Magento Freelancers available? Please IM me or mail me :)
  15. A

    Multiple currency eCommerce site - advice needed

    Hi, We have a an ecommerce site (magento) in development and we want users to have the option of selecting their currency. So we have decided on three currencies - euro, sterling and dollar. The issue we have is we will have different VAT rates to sell to euro and sterling customers...
  16. bejo

    Shopping Cart for courses

    Hi all, My first post so hello! I have one or two websites that I use to advertise or promote my own business. One is which gives information on courses in outdoors. These range in prices from 10 euros to a few hundred euros. I would like to offer a facility where people can book...
  17. P

    Order management system / CRM

    So we all have our e-commerce site set up, but now we need Order management software, for stock control, purchase orders, manual orders etc and we need a good CRM that all integrate together. We have been looking at different options, but most are looking 50k-100k (some PA). We have been...
  18. G

    Plan for Success of Online Retail Store with Magento Shopping Cart

    If you are in the retail business, it is imperative for you to have a website. To make the most of your web presence, there are some basic things you need to do to make your website attract customers and generate traffic. Firstly, are you building a shopping cart? If yes, build a worthwhile...
  19. G

    New Version of GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento

    NEW VERSION of GoMage Advanced Navigation has already been available! GoMage Advanced Navigation Extension for Magento With Ajax Filter Save time of your online store customers and get more sales! VERSION 3.0 FEATURES: - Supported Magento EE; - Supported Full Page Cache; -...
  20. G

    Top 10 the Most Effective Magento Extensions

    Hi everyony, Here is perfect article with the list of the Best Extensions for Magento and their impartial assessment Hope this will be interesting for you.
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