Who do you host with?

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by Cormac, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. ziycon

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    I used Hosting365 but had so many problems with them i just stopped using them and have used letshost.ie for the past two years, never had a problem with them and the support it very fast.
  2. georgiecasey

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    Switched my american dedicated server to Dedicated Servers | Managed Hosting and I'll never use someone else again. Their control panel to monitor the network and bandwidth and stuff is class and they have automatic monitoring of your server for any downtime. Most importantly, my site is never slow anymore.
  3. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

    I am using Media Temple and Webhost.ie I do NOT recommend Media Temple at all. They are a peice of crap. My sites have gone down every few days since I started with them 3 months ago. Today they went down 6 times...
  4. daviddoran

    daviddoran New Member

    I went with them a while back because of the near-superstar fame from the Blog/Design bigshots but found that there service is terrible. Even though they may provide huge write-ups of their solutions to problems (MySQL connection problems) in the end, unfortunately it all seems like buzzwords and marketing. (GS, Tahiti System etc)
  5. rsynnott

    rsynnott New Member

    My host recently raised prices by 10 euro for all low-end dedicated servers - to cover electricity price increases, of all things!

  6. markowe

    markowe New Member

    Just avoid Netfirms, and you will be well on the way to success. Hugely oversubscribed American hosting companies don't fill me with confidence generally, though I am currently with Bluehost and the performance is about 10 times better than Netfirms and I happily haven't NEEDED customer service so far...
  7. naitkris

    naitkris New Member

    Bluehost are very good for the price, been with them about half a year or so and the speed from the USA is very good plus the customer service response time for the price is decent.
  8. Cormac

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  9. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Hardly surprising
  10. naitkris

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  11. jmcc

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    I tend to instinctively distrust review sites because of the ease with which they can be gamed. As for lunarpages.com, I've seen some low end Irish webdevs use them for hosting brochureware sites. Typically these are webdevs with very small portfolios that tend to be gone in a year or two. As a player in the Irish market, lunarpages.com isn't really significant. YMMV as they say.

  12. Redfly

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  13. zaxxon

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    3ix.com ? maybe not

    based on posts here i went to 3ix.com, they couldnt find out why my site that worked well on ixwebhoting didnt work there, took them 4 hours to respond and havent dealt with my actual problam just suggeste i keep reinstalling it.
    i compared the files between the old FTP and the new and it was identical, i reckon it was something in their php configuration, butnone there knew, after 36 hours of waiting for them to wise up and offer any other solution other than reinstalling the site i left. am loking for a new host as i type
  14. enzo

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  15. david4ie

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    I am now hosting with hostmonster.com which I have found no problems with so far.

    In the past I have hosted with Letshost.ie which I found equally as good
  16. mneylon

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  17. Ciarán Mc Cann

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    I am hosting with blacknight solutions and I find them to be the best customer support and the staff are so fast working and reply to your e-mails promptly, most other companies you might not get an e-mail back till the next day, the price are reasonable and the company as a whole is very well run.
  18. dude

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  19. Cormac

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  20. mneylon

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    And why is it that I get the feeling that they are the only reason you started posting on here?

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