1. R

    PHP Help Needed - Wordpress

    I am using a classified ads theme for Wordpress. I have set the classified ad theme to show 8 ads per page. I have set the "Videos" category (traditional wordpress blog) to show one post per page. Go here to see it - Videos | The problem is that the Videos category has 49 posts...
  2. trickobrien

    Adsense Disabled

    Just got a message from Google to say that adsense has been disabled on one of my sites,due to copyright violations-basically links to watch streaming movies etc.. Seems painfully obvious now as I type this,that it would be against TOS. Unfortunately those areas that need to be removed are...
  3. S

    Is Register365 reseller hosting actually any good?

    Hi, Im looking into the world of reseller hosting for the first time. As Im getting more busy now as a web develpoer/designer, it is now viable for me to set up reseller hosting and make some money through that. From the research I have done, it is clear that Register365 is the cheapest for...
  4. T

    New affiliate site

    Hi guys, I've been working on this site for quite some time now and I believe it is ready to be used. I am aware that there are a few areas where it can be improved but with such a big project I have to set priorities. One of the biggest problems is poor quality if feeds provided making the...
  5. L

    New Toys on IWF

    Hi BK Liking the new rewards and levels on IWF
  6. N

    Design Mistake

    How do you stop a client making a huge mistake on the design of there website. I'm currently working with a client on a new project. I have a really nice clean design built on a WordPress platform. The client spends most of his day looking at websites, mostly old ones. He has now picked...
  7. Pol

    New Look for Bonsai web site

    Hi I have recently rebuilt my site and I am looking for your opinions to improve it. Thanks Pol
  8. WhitePhantom

    How much to charge for website maintenance?

    Hi, Just wondering what kind of maintenance figures do other people charge for software updates on Joomla / WordPress /ZenCart sites? I've done a couple of these sites where I didn't factor this in (d'oh!) and I'm now putting together another couple of proposals, so I want to build this in as...
  9. I

    Why do my PHP sites lock users browsers

    I have been tasked with repairing a Customers two web sites that keeps locking visitor browsers. I am a pure HTML or ASP.Net developer and the sites are currently in PHP which I know nothing about. The offending sites are at and if anyone can spare...
  10. Apollo

    How to clean an exploited website?

    Hi all. I'll get straight to the point: I have several websites, and I work with other ones. I wouldn't be a big time web developer or coder, but I do know my way around the neighbourhood. However, some of my websites were flagged by Google recently as containing malware; infected with...
  11. dinhquanghuy

    Simplex Newsportal - Free premium blogger template for magazine and news portal

    I want to introduce to you all my latest template . It's named Simplex News portal . I think it's a good template for magazine and news portal ,a nice and clean template . Live Demo | Download
  12. AnnHalloran

    Tracking HTML and an External CSS Style Sheet

    Hi I have inherited a messy CSS style sheet, and it is very hard to know what css elements control what pieces of html text on my website. I have 75 pages so it is quite complex. Is there any tool which shows the css element that is controlling a piece of html text? I am not a web designer so I...
  13. A

    any criticism welcome

    Hi all this is my first post so hello to you all, Ive been struggling with this site for over a year now & started with no web experience what so ever, so some pointers from some experts would be helpfull, thanks in advance Steve Free-to-air satellite TV Ireland,Freesat free to air TV Ireland
  14. R

    Site down - SEPR Down

    Hey guys, I had a .htaccess issue last Friday with one of my client's websites. The redesigned site only went live about 4 weeks ago and was gradually making its presence felt in Google until I stupidly changed something in my hosting back-end that buried my search engine page results. The...
  15. S

    Juts wondering what you guys think? Is it loading fast enough, general design & content. Thanks in advance, Shanley.
  16. mneylon

    Which Companies / Organisations Are Doing Cool Things With Social Media?

    Since there seems to be a LOT of talk about social media marketing and how some companies are doing it really well and others are doing it really badly .. So, in your own experience, which companies or organisations have you seen doing cool things?
  17. D

    Online Marketing Novice - Help

    So I think I've found a reputable web design guy that will design a website to good SEO standards and give me something punchy, clean with good usability. I've done the keyword research, examined the competitors and included as much of it in my project as possible, I've taken care to select good...
  18. Forbairt

    James Larkin released into the wild... :)

    Well I've gone and done it James Larkin - Freelance Web Designer / Web Developer / Graphics Guy / Marketing Guru Wannabe Has been released into the wild Themed up the site similar to my work site (different colours) and with actual content :D Let me know any feedback please either here or...
  19. Alhazred De Sane

    Hacked site.

    I'm wondering if anyone here can help me with a recurring hacking problem. One of my clients sites has been targeted several times over the last 6 months. The hacker somehow adds hundreds of hidden links to the very bottom of the home page of Barcelona Apartments | Barcelona Apartment Rentals |...
  20. U

    Hi everyone, The chicken coop season is about to begin and having spent the winter preparing a website, I'd appreciate any reviews or tips anyone could offer... Urban Chicken Coops Ireland :: Chicken Houses :: Free Range Hens :: Homepage Thanks... Cormac
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